Xiaomi 20W Wireless Car Charger


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Xiaomi Car Charger Xiaomi 20W Wireless Car Charger Max Electric Auto Pinch 2.5D Glass Ring Lit For Wireless Charging

One-hand Operation When the phone is placed, Automatically lock and charge.

When driving, you don’t need complicated wiring, just put it on, and the phone will charge quickly. Arm is opened, it can reach 81.5mm, which is suitable for most of Smartphone,Cooling efficiency is higher

20W Max Wireless charging

Inductive stretching Firmly locked, no fear of bumpy road conditions

Firmly locked, no fear of bumpy road conditions Built-in hidden infrared sensor, the mobile phone is automatically deployed and locked,and the mobile phone is not easy to fall off, even when slam on the brakes, the speed bump is passed, and the road surface is bumped. Multi-angle free stepless adjustment, so that the phone can be fixed and used according to your habits.

Navigation and charging simultaneously No need to plug in & remove the shell

Easy charging, tap the side button to remove it with one hand. The effective sensing distance of charging is up to 4mm, and the phone can also be charged with a shell.

Smashed ring light and curved glass

The integrated 2.5D glass material is used as the charging panel to improve the heat dissipation efficiency ,Make the charging faster. The blue ring-shaped light lights up, after the power is turned on, and it can be seen at night when driving.

Independent fan and metal thermal pad,Dual heat dissipation, multiple protection

The independent fan in the car charger can be intelligently adjusted with the temperature, and actively reduce heat. The built-in metal bracket provides fast heat transfer and passive heat dissipation. In high-power charging, dual heat dissipation can reduce the charging power of the mobile phone due to overheat protection, and greatly reduce the charging time. At the same time, it can provide multiple protections to easily deal with various abnormal conditions such as short circuit and overvoltage, and protect charging safety.

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